When To Change Your Commercial Locks?

change your commercial locks

If you are managing an office building, an apartment complex, or a storage lot, your locks are the first line of defense against intruders. It only makes sense to take every advantage possible to protect your business. Change your commercial locks to protect your assets.

When To change your commercial locks?

1. Renters Are Moving In
If you are a property landlord or manager, it’s essential to understand your responsibilities. One of the most important is maintaining the property in good condition for renters.

Don’t put it off if you need to change out commercial locks! Crime trends show that as soon as new tenants move into a building, crime often spikes. The longer you wait, the more crime there is likely to be.

2. You Need Better Security
The easiest way to upgrade your property’s security is to use a higher-quality lock. Standard deadbolts are easy for criminals to pick, manipulate, or even kick down the door!
Make sure you make an appointment with a locksmith as soon as possible if you need stronger locks.

3. You’ve Had An Employee Quit
While you hate to lose a valued team member, you should recognize the potential for crime when someone leaves. When an employee leaves a business, especially one who has access to your property, they must turn in their keys as soon as possible.

A commercial locksmith can ensure that doors are rekeyed, security cameras are installed, and new keys are made for maintenance personnel who may still have access after a team member resigns or is terminated.

4. Your Keys Have Been Stolen
If someone manages to take your keys and use them to gain access to your building, it can wreak major havoc, as well as some serious legal trouble for both yourself and the thief!

It’s best to schedule a visit from a professional locksmith as soon as possible. And, while you’re at it, be sure that every member of your team knows better than to lose their keys!

5. You Need New Locks for Your Office or Apartment
This one may seem like a no-brainer, but there are plenty of reasons that you may need to upgrade your locks. Always keep the safety of yourself, your employees, and your tenants in mind!

For example, if you’ve recently had a complaint about someone prowling around the property at night or an attempted break-in, consider upgrading all exterior doors.

6. You Have New Staff
When a new hire starts working for your business, you may need to make sure they have a copy of their keys. It’s essential that each person who has access to the property only has the key(s) they need to get their job done. This will help keep your employees safe and your assets secure.

Miramar Locksmith LLC change your commercial locks in Your Premises

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